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Serves 4 people

4 Slices Pork Shin (with bone in)

OR –  750g lean diced pork leg for braising

A pinch of 5 spice curry powder

50ml Maple Syrup

20 ml Sherry Vinegar

1 x Star Anise

½ Stick Cinnamon

400ml Beef Stock


1. Season the meat with salt, pepper & the 5 spice powder. Fry off in a hot pan with a little vegetable oil to seal it on all sides.

2. Add the maple syrup & cook until it is sticky.

3. Add the sherry vinegar & fully reduce.

4. Add the beef stock, star anise & cinnamon. Reduce heat & simmer very gently for 1 – 1½ hours until meat starts to ‘break’.

5. Remove meat from stock & reduce the stock to a sauce consistency. Return meat to warm through & serve with roast sweet potatoes & baby pak choi.