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Recipe of the Month

Camomille Panna Cotta, English Honeycomb & Alpine Strawberries

 Panna cotta 300 g double cream 75 g milk 75 g sugar 1.5 sheets of gelatine (soaked in cold water) 30 g camomile Honeycomb 160 g sugar 25 g honey 60 g glucose 30 g water 7 g bi-carb  Method Boil the cream and milk with camomile. Take off the heat and allow to infuse... Read more

Braised Beef Suet Pudding

Serves 6 Suet Pastry 1 kg self raising flour 15 g salt 500 g suet 600 ml water Meat Filling Flour for dusting 2 kg beef braising steak 2 chopped onions 4 chopped carrots 1 chopped leek 250 ml red wine 4 tbsp vegetable oil 2 litre beef stock 6 sprigs of thyme 1 bay... Read more

Pumpkin Panna Cotta

Serve with mixed salad leaves to create a perfect starter to impress guests over the festive period… Make Balsamic Caramel base first with:                           100g Sugar                           Balsamic Vinegar Make the caramel by bringing the sugar to... Read more

Gazpacho Soup

A simple soup served cold – perfect for summer’s evening or a light lunch.  Serves 4/6 people 500 g              Tomatoes ½                    Cucumber 150 g              Red Pepper 50 g                Bread 50 g                Olive Oil 150 g             ... Read more

Pork Osso Bucco

Serves 4 people 4 Slices Pork Shin (with bone in) OR –  750g lean diced pork leg for braising A pinch of 5 spice curry powder 50ml Maple Syrup 20 ml Sherry Vinegar 1 x Star Anise ½ Stick Cinnamon 400ml Beef Stock  Method 1. Season the meat with salt, pepper... Read more
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