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How can it be December already! The shortest day of the year, Christmas nearly upon us,  and I am finally writing a blog – that’s one New Year’s resolution I can cross off the list.

Autumn’s been hectic.  Neil Fischer, elder son of Max and Susan, joined the management team in September and is especially keen that I write this blog, in between filleting fish, dicing venison and generally running the well-oiled machine that is the Fischer’s kitchen.

We’ve also had a new talented young chef come on board in November, Ryan who is starting out on fish & meat.

Now onto New Chocolates – one of the best bits of my job, and one of the most popular when it comes to staff tastings and feedback.

I’ve been working closely with Vicky at MSK Supplies in Chesterfield on different new texture and flavour combinations, all using Casa Luker, amazing quality single origin South American chocolates stocked exclusively by MSK.

In a side note, it’s worth taking a look at the Casa Luker website, they’re philanthropic and ecological,  and committed to ensuring the best possible education and outcomes for their farmers, customers and the planet.

And we think you’re going to love what we’ve come up with! After many long, hard, selfless hours creating and tasting, we chose these four very different choccies. They reflect different continents, contrasting taste and texture sensations and look absolutely fantastic

Making their debut next month are:

  • a ganache of rosemary and olive oil, dipped in 72% dark chocolate, rolled in raspberry powder
  • white chocolate with fabulous, flavourful pennella sugar, rum & banana, coated in pain d’epice crumbs
  • a ganache o bourbon whisky and Fischer’s own honey enveloped in ground bee pollen
  • dark chocolate shards, infused with mandarin oil and sprinkled with dried cinnamon buds.

And most excitingly, we’ve just celebrated our twins’ 4th, yes 4th birthday party – where have those years gone too? And my contribution to the proceedings – making the jam sandwiches.  I know my place!

Happy Christmas.