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Rupert returned to Sheffield College for the Skills for Chefs conference in July 2013. The annual event showcases the talents of leading chefs and allows them to share skills and knowledge and network with suppliers and colleagues.

As part of the day, Rupert demonstrated two dishes from Baslow Hall; Smokey Sticky Rib and Fillet of English Rose Veal with onions from the garden, followed by famous the Chocolate Tree Trunk with mint and lime. The recipes and method are detailed below.


Smokey Sticky Rib and Fillet of English Rose Veal with Onions from the Garden

4 x Jacobs ladders of rose veal

4 x 80g fillets of rosé veal

Sticky sweet and sour glaze

2 banana shallots

150 ml red wine vinegar

500 ml ruby port

40 ml maple syrup

Ultratex (available from MSK)


  1. Caramelise the shallots over a medium heat and when golden brown add the vinegar and reduce by half. Add the port and reduce again by a half again. Add 2 litres of veal jus and and the maple syrup reduce down until you have quite a strong sweet and sour sauce it should be almost black in colour. To glaze the ribs the sauce may need to be slightly thicker. A little Ultratex will thicken slightly with out having to over reduce.
  2. Lightly season the ladders.
  3. Light the ‘Green Egg’ in the centre of the charcoal and put some pre-soaked wood chips around the outside of the coals so as it burns they slowly start to burn as well. Bring it up to about to 150 c on the temperature gauge. Put in the heat deflector plate.
  4. Place the ladders on a tray and inside the Green Egg. Leave to smoke for about 4 hours. This very much depends on your preference you can vary the temperature and time and the amount of wood chips you add to get different flavours and textures with the meat. It is very much about trial and error and what suits your palette!
  5. Remove the ladders from the egg and sous vide. I like to add a small splash of Ardbeg whiskey at this point to the bag before sealing as it gives more depth to the smokey flavour.
  6. Cook in a water bath at 78 c for approx 12 -16 hours this depends on how well you have maintained the temperature of the egg. You are looking for the meat to be nearly falling of the bone. If it is over cooked you will spoil the presentation.
  7. Lightly season the veal fillets and sous vide with a little oil and cook at 57 c for 15 minutes.
  8. Get the egg up to about 350 c.
  9. I like to remove the ladders from the bag and add the cooking liquor to the sauce. Re seal the ladders in individual bags ready for service.
  10. Reheat the ladders in a water bath for 20 minutes.
  11. Remove from the bag and brush liberally with the sticky glaze and place on the egg. Keep brushing with the glaze.
  12. When ready to serve take out of the egg a cover in the onion crust (recipe below).
  13. Place the fillet directly on the heat plate and colour all over. (This can be done in a hot pan instead of on the green egg.)
  14. Garnish with burnt onion powder, roast garlic,  roasted onion, chips and green onion purée.

 Onion crust

100g Kibbled onions ( ground to fine powder )

200g Panko bread crumbs

1 tsp Black onion seeds

25g unsalted butter

Toast the Panko bread crumbs in the butter. Add the onion powder and seeds, then season with salt. Keep in air tight container.

Burnt onion powder

Dice 4 onions roughly 1 cm place on a tray and bake in a oven at 200 c until black this takes about 1 hour. Stir every 20 minutes to make sure they colour evenly. Leave to cool and a blitz into a fine powder. Add a little salt and sugar just to balance the flavour.

Roast garlic

10 bulbs of garlic

50 ml olive oil


Light the green egg and put in the deflector plate. Get it to 200 c. Put the whole bulbs in unpeeled and leave to cook for approx 2 hours until the cloves are very soft. Remove the garlic from the skins and blend until smooth adding a the olive oil and a little water if it starts to split. Pass through a fine sieve and season with salt.

Green Onion Purée

6 English onions

150 g unsalted butter

I like to use fresh onions for this which allows you to use the green tops to add interest to the purée. Finely dice the onions and slowly cook in the butter with a lid on. This can take up to 1 hour add a little salt and sugar whilst cooking. Do not rush the cooking process let it slowly tick away to really develop the natural sweetness from the onion. Whilst they are cooking finely shred the green tops of the onion save a few of the tips as garnish. When cooked add the shredded green tops and cook for a little longer and blitz and chill over ice to keep the colour. Check the seasoning.


4 Maris piper potatoes

  1. Cut a chip about 1.5 cm x1.5 x 4 cm.
  2. Bring up to the boil in cold water and remove from the water.
  3. Dry and put in a fryer of beef dripping at 100 c until cooked.
  4. Drain Cover and leave on the side.
  5. Raise the heat in the fryer to 220 c and when ready to serve drop the chips back in for about 3 minutes until crispy season and serve.
  6. Cut the green tops of the onion into strips and cook gently in a butter emulsion.
  7. If you can get some onion flowers they make a good garnish.

Chocolate Tree Trunk, Mint & Lime

 Tree trunk

150g dark chocolate Macondo 60% Luker chocolate

Cocoa powder

Mint leaf

1 lime


Chocolate soil

200g caster sugar

250g ground almonds

150 g flour

110 cocoa

125 g butter

2 g salt

  1. Mix all the dry ingredients and add the melted butter.
  2. Bake on a tray at 200 c until dry and crunchy.
  3. Leave to cool and store in an air tight container.

Mint water

50 g fresh mint

320 g water

Blanch the mint and refresh in iced water.

Squeeze out the mint and blitz with the water.

Pass through a fine sieve.

Mint moss

20 g egg white

130 g stock syrup

1 tsp Hyfoamer (available from MSK)

4 sheets of gelatine

150 g mint water

  1.  Put the egg white, hyfoamer and 40g of the stock syrup in mixer and whisk until starts to form peaks.
  2. Warm the stock syrup and dissolve the gelatine.
  3. Add this mix to the white and continue whisking.
  4. Then gradually add the mint water continue to whisk until it starts to set and then pour into a tray lined with cling film.

Chocolate powder

180 g whipping cream

570g water

60g sugar

150g dark chocolate 65% Luker Tamaco

4 tbsp cocoa powder

  1. Boil the cream and pour over the chocolate. Using a hand blender add the water and cocoa and sugar and leave to cool.
  2. Pour into a water spray bottle. Sprat into liquid nitrogen to form small ice particles.
  3. Store in a freezer.

Lime sorbet

500 g lime juice

400g sugar

520g water

30g sorbet stabiliser Msk

Pistachio soil

80g peeled pistachios

50g ground almonds

100g sugar

120g flour

80g melted butter

  1. Grind the pistachios with the sugar to fine powder.
  2. Mix all the dry ingredients and add the melted butter.
  3. Bake on a tray at 200 c until dry and crunchy.
  4. Leave to cool and store in air tight tub.

 Mint granite

200 ml mint water

50g sugar

  1. Dissolve the sugar in the mint water.
  2. Pour into a water sprayer.
  3. Spray into liquid nitrogen to form little crystals.
  4. Store in the freezer.

 Dehydrated chocolate mousse

300g dark chocolate 65% Luker Tamaco

100g egg yolks

2g salt

400g egg white

100g sugar

  1. Melt the chocolate and add to the egg yolks.
  2. Whisk the egg whites and the sugar to soft peaks.
  3. Fold the whites into the chocolate.
  4. Spread out onto a none stick mat.
  5. Dehydrate for 12 hours.

Chocolate and mint mousse

100g egg yolk

50g whole egg

80g sugar

30 ml water

165g dark chocolate 65 % luker Tamaco

200g whipping cream

2 pipettes mint garden mint flavour

  1. Whisk the egg yolks and eggs together.
  2. Boil the sugar and water to 121 c and pour into the egg mix.
  3. Continue to whisk until aerated.
  4. Melt the chocolate and add the mint flavour.
  5. Lightly whip the cream.
  6. Fold the pâté a bomb into the chocolate and then add the cream.
  7. Pour in to a piping bag and refrigerate.

Lime curd

3 eggs

3 egg yolks

6 limes

270g sugar

130g butter

Mix all the ingredients and whisk over baine Marie until it reaches 80 c. Leave to cool.

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