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Details for our 2019 Meet the Maker events will follow soon.

Fischer’s are delighted to announce the launch of The Wine Room at Baslow Hall. Previously The Study, a traditional private dining room in keeping with the Manor House style, The Wine Room will be transformed into a contemporary and sophisticated space where guests can indulge their passion for fine food and wine.

Fischer’s have created The Wine Room with the specific intention of enhancing the overall eating and drinking experience. The Wine Room will be the perfect environment to showcase the range and diversity of wines Fischer’s has access to from around the globe, complementing the diverse flavours of their award-winning cuisine.

The room has been designed and built by local architects Bluecarrot, and features a temperature controlled “wine wall”.  The interior is lavished with traditional Georgian wall paneling, finished in blue teal. Washing the entire room, ceiling included, this deep blue gives an elegant yet moody and intimate atmosphere.

Informal, yet informative, The Wine Room will be a dedicated space where guests can sip, savour and discover new and old wines alike, alongside Fischer’s award-winning cuisine.